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Fuji Finepix SL300

Was very happy with camera until photos were developed. Photos without using zoom were not too bad however using zoom really affected the quality of photos.

Review Submitted on 27/07/2012 by The wanderers

Nikon J1 + 10-30mm VR

The best small alternative to a larger DSLR is you are after the "Nikon colours" and fast auto-focusing. Pictures are sharp, super-easy to use and, as mentioned above, the pictures have that Nikon DSLR look about them. High ISO performance is good for the size of the sensor - it's no D800, but it would be quite unreasonable to expect so.
Buy it for what it is - a fun, portable, fast-to-use, easy-to-operate camera with the possibility of interchangeable lenses, and you'll be happy. Not for tweakers.

Review Submitted on 9/08/2012 by Ant1

Nikon D3200

Nikon has really stunned me with this addition to their DSLR range. Everything this camera does, it does well. A real step up from the D3100, the D3200 enables the user an easy transition to higher levels of photography, with little set-back. Light weight, and quick and easy to learn how to use. The body may be small, but this camera has produced stunning results for me. A titan among the smaller bodied DSLR cameras. The one and only set back that I have found is the lack of an auto focus motor inside the camera body, which does not allow me to use some of the older lenses, like the older nikkor prime lens. Without the motor, the auto focus feature does not work, and you have to shoot manually with the older lenses. But on the upside, it has a lower noise/grain than the D90 comparatively.

Review Submitted on 23/08/2012 by Brendan McGuiness